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About Aviant

Aviant Systems specializes in the development and application of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) hardware and software solutions for tough commercial environments. Our projects involve non-mandate initiatives that are driven by solid business fundamentals. Aviant solves the tough problems that others shy away from such as tagging metal/liquids, resolving difficult custom mechanical configurations, and controlling RFID readers with proprietary embedded systems.

Our Partners
The Aviant Advantage
The Three Main Differentiators of an Aviant Solution are:
1. We are expert at tagging difficult items including metal and water in harsh environments. We have spent many years working in metallic and other harsh environments and know the limits of RFID technologies and how to use custom machine design and other unique approaches to get the most out of the technology.

2. We integrate custom hardware and software with commercially available RFID components using custom built embedded systems for a complete solution. While many companies have the ability to install commercially available RFID components, Aviant has the experience, knowledge and structure to develop, manufacture and install complete RFID solutions on time and within budget.

3. We begin each project by thoroughly defining business needs and identifying potential issues. This ensures a justifiable expenditure and a cost-effective solution.


Aviant’s professionals have many years of experience installing systems and building and operating distribution centers in retail and other related industries. We have led RFID projects in the hospitality, manufacturing, medical device, recycling service and retail industries, and for the military.

We have consulted with, built hardware and software and installed various systems for clients such as:

Johnson and Johnson
Linens ‘n Things
Lockheed Martin
Schering Plough
Ski Corporation of America
Wellpoint Networks (HMO)