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Product Selection

RFID solutions require a radio transmitter/receiver, antennae and tags (transponders).

The transmitter/receiver sends electromagnetic energy through an antenna then listens for a response from tags. Tags with unique ID numbers and other data located in the “radio” field receive energy from the transmitter, wake up, and then respond to the field with a series of pulses. These pulses are detected by the receiver and decoded to reconstruct the data being stored on the tag including the tag ID.

Aviant Systems specializes in integrating custom hardware and software with commercially available RFID components using custom built embedded systems. We can help you select the right components to meet your business needs, and provide as much customization as necessary to build a complete RFID solution.

Low Frequency Products

Aviant specializes in low frequency products to tag metal and other difficult to tag items.

Industrial applications often involve metal tagging. While recent advances have improved High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) operation around metal and liquids, Low Frequency still offers some advantages for tagging these items.
Aviant introduced the first Low Frequency (LF) classic stand alone reader module in 2003. It includes the industry’s best tuning module for hard to tune Low Frequency antennas.

Applications for low frequency products – 125KHz, 134.2 KHz, 148.5 KHz – include Animal Tagging, Medical Device Design, Military Closed Loop Systems, Parking Systems, Payment Systems, Sports Timing, and Toll Systems, among others.

High Frequency Products

Aviant integrates high frequency products with embedded systems to control machines and production processes.

High frequency products offer a faster read rate with a longer read range than LF. 13.56 MHz products perform better than UHF in the presence of water and metallic obstructions. Aviant offers both low power and high power HF readers and antenna products including custom antenna design.

Applications for high frequency products include Access Control, Item level Supply Chain, and Pharmaceuticals, among others.

13.56 MHz Tags:

Aviant offers a wide range of tags and tag form factors for tough industrial environments. Operating temperatures can be as high as 200 C and as low as -40 C. Read distance can be as far as 4 feet.
Rugged Antenna Enclosure


• 134 KHz operating frequency
• IP 65 Enclosure
• Fiberglass construction

LF Universal Tuner Model


• 125 KHz operating frequency
• Variable Capacitors
• Variable Resistors
• LED Tuning guidance
• Multiple antenna connectors
• Multiple power connectors
• Serial port RS-232 communication

Handheld Scanner


• 125 KHz operating frequency
• 4-5” read range
• 4 line text readout
• Easy operation – on/off
• Long battery life
• OEM Modules available

6 Channel Reader

The industry’s only 6 channel reader – queries 6 antennae at the same time:


• 125 KHz operating frequency
• RG 178 antenna connection
• 6 independent reader channels
• Stand alone control software