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In an intensive three-year period of research and development, Aviant collaborated with the nation’s largest defense contractor to design and produce a six-channel reader board, antennae, and tags for Auto ID of a widely used countermeasure system.

The project resulted in the successful deployment of the RFID system for a foreign Navy including 12 ships and 1000 rounds.
This highly customized, closed-loop operation utilizes handheld devices, tag writing capabilities, simulation units and other hardware and software.

Aviant’s development of this state-of-the-art tracking technology guarantees the accuracy of the launch plan. We continue to supply the defense industry with this fully integrated system for deployment around the world.
Recycling Services

Aviant designed and continues to produce a rugged, weatherproof antenna system for a leading waste and recycling service provider.

The nation’s largest incentive based recycling program uses RFID as the enabling technology to capture customer data on recycling volume. They turned to Aviant to design and produce an RFID antenna that could withstand the harsh winters in the Midwest.  Aviant continues to deliver these high quality units for this recycler’s most demanding customer.

Aviant’s RFID products are providing the tools that this customer needs to continue its growth and expansion around the country.
Medical Devices

Aviant designed a solution for tracking disposable filters for a medical device manufacturer.

Items with a lifespan (50 hours of operating time for example) need to be tracked to prevent overuse. Once a disposable item has been used more than the prescribed amount, the machine will no longer allow it to be used.

This prevents customers from misusing the device, reducing liability for the supplier.

Difficult Applications

Aviant is expert at tagging difficult items including metal and liquid products in harsh environments.

We have spent many years working in metallic and other harsh environments and know the limits of RFID technologies and how to use custom machine design and other unique approaches to get the most out of the technology.

Our team is proud of solving challenges that others shy away from such as tagging metal/liquids, resolving difficult custom mechanical configurations and controlling RFID readers with proprietary embedded systems.


Aviant designed a solution for tracking tools in production for a molding company.

The solution required tagging steel tools and building a tracking system for the tool supplier to track movement and grind life of the tools. The supplier is becoming an information service provider as a result.

Other Industry Applications

RFID technology can solve problems that traditional technologies have been unable to address. Situations where RFID technology can improve business processes include:

• Tough environmental conditions: heat, humidity, corrosive conditions (ocean, chemical), cold, UV, etc.
• Non line of site applications: behind walls, inside machines, inside molded parts, inside bodies, underground, etc.
• Labor intensive processes: many items at one time, passive data capture, eliminating visual inspections, etc.
• High accuracy requirements: hospital, healthcare, airline, financial applications, etc.

Additional industries that can benefit from RFID technology include:
Animal Tagging
Mass Transit
Retail Operations
Sports Timing
Supply Chain/Distribution

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